Magnolia Granite & Marble LLC is interested in helping everyone in their communities. In that effort, our fabrication team performs repairs, alterations, or re-installation of bathroom vanities, kitchen remodel, sinks, and etc. for customers requiring that type of work. Most items are small enough to be brought to our fabrication shop in Cookeville where a trained Salesperson will assist the customer by discussing their needs, our ability to perform the work, and pricing. If a piece needs altering or repairing in place, our General Manager is happy to discuss whether Magnolia is capable of successfully meeting a customer’s expectations and what cost is involved to achieve them. Nothing is too small or too big for Magnolia and our team of experienced Stone Professionals to consider!


The sales staff and General Manager at Magnolia Granite & Marble LLC are experienced in countertop design and stone for kitchen remodels and bathroom vanities. They are happy to work with a client to develop the desired plan for each cabinet area. Whether the client needs help with color, countertop size recommendations, custom pieces for cabinets or walls, etc. our staff can assist clients in achieving the look they desire.


From templating of your cabinets to our professional installation, Magnolia Granite & Marble shows their high level of expertise and custom quality performance. Each project is given exacting attention to present the most satisfactory results a customer could hope for.


Frequent questions about our countertops

Our lead times vary based on volume. Generally, we strive for the shortest lead times possible. However, during busy seasons like holidays and spring, lead times may be slightly longer. It’s recommended to ask your showroom consultant for current lead times.

No, the main difference among quartz brands is the quality of materials used. Cambria Quartz stands out by using only the highest quality quartz, resulting in a color palette with more depth and clarity compared to other quartz lines.

  1. No, the laser technology allows the existing countertops to remain in place. However, it is requested that you clear items from the countertops to ensure precise measurements.

It is recommended to bring your measurements so that the designers can prepare a quote for you. Additionally, bringing samples of cabinet doors, floor tiles, paint colors, etc., can help in selecting the perfect color for your project. Product samples can be checked out and brought home for your convenience. 

A field technician will come to your home to measure for your new countertops. These measurements are double-checked and programmed for fabrication by the engineering department. The laser technology used for measuring eliminates the need to remove existing countertops. 

Ensure that all areas to be measured are permanently installed and ready, including cabinets, panels, sills, etc. Clear all items from existing countertops. Keep small children away from the template area and have pets closed off in a separate room. It is best for you to be present at the appointment in case the field technician has any questions. 

Installing quartz countertops typically requires professional expertise due to the precision and skill needed. It involves accurate measurements, cutting, and joining the slabs. It is recommended to hire a professional installer to ensure proper installation and to protect your investment.

To get a quote for quartz countertops, you can visit a showroom or contact a supplier directly. Provide them with your project details, such as measurements, edge profiles, and any specific requirements. They will typically provide you with a detailed quote based on your specifications.

The presence of seams in most kitchens is a result of material and handling constraints. Our diligent engineering department endeavors to align the veining and movement of the chosen material meticulously. Before crafting your countertop, we ensure that you receive a countertop layout, allowing you to preview the seam placements. Employing cutting-edge tools and techniques, we strive to achieve impeccable seams that set new industry standards. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms to examine a sample firsthand.