To begin, our fabrication team will inspect your slabs to determine how best to layout the templates to avoid any problematic areas of the stone and how to best match up seams, etc. Once that is done, the templates are then arranged on the slab to ensure best appearance of vein and color coordination. If your granite or quartz displays no variation, the templates will be arranged to minimize waste of stone. Our team offers a mix of experience and artistry to recreate unbroken vein flow at seams, corners, risers and edges to create a virtual work of art in your countertops.

Once the templates are successfully placed, the slab is then cut accordingly. Magnolia operates a bridge saw, cutting 7’ per minute with a diamond segmented blade. Our saw operator is also experienced and a master at cutting precise countertop pieces. The pieces are then sent to our new fabrication room for sink bowl holes, cooktop holes, etc. Once the fabrication is complete, our expert edge polishing team route and hand polish exposed countertop edges to a high sheen and smoothness. If your selected stone is honed or leathered on the face, the polishers will replicate that same texture to the edges to complete the look. Seam edges are ground to avoid chipping during installation so that our seams in natural stone are almost invisible.


At some point during the above process, our General Manager has scheduled a project’s installation date. The finished countertops are loaded onto a-frames and travel to their final destination, the customer’s home. There, our professional install crews will install the countertops onto cabinets using adhesive, seams will be matched and leveled and colored akemi applied to further hide the seam. Faucet and utility holes are drilled in place. If applicable, backsplash is installed and silicone applied. The crew conscientiously cleans up the space before departing to their next installation.

Our install crews are dedicated to performing their work with a minimum of invasion and are genuinely invested in providing our customers with the absolute best installation possible.